Implied Dissent

Saturday, July 24, 2004

I don’t offer up the following statement with any pride; I am a Cubs fan.  No one in their right mind should willingly align themselves with a team nicknamed “The Lovable Losers”.  There is nothing lovable about losing, at least not when it’s your team on the wrong end of the score.  At least, this year the Cubs have not been so lovable in defeat as witnessed by the actions of Carlos Zambrano and LaTroy Hawkins this past week against the Cardinals.
But there is the rub; this was supposed to be the Cubs’ year.  Kerry Wood made the cover of Sports Illustrated and hope abounded.  With a pitching staff of Wood, Mark Prior, Greg Maddux, Carlos Zambrano, and Matt Clement, it seemed safe to assume the Cubs would be playing more meaningful games in October than the Bears.  Yet that is why hope springs eternal.  Anyone can have hope before a game is played.  However before one regular season game had been played, Prior had already landed on the DL.  A sign of things to come the Cubs already set a team record with the number of guys placed there.  Placing Tom Goodwin on the DL is a positive, putting Prior and Wood there kills.
So now I am left wondering if we will get as close as we did last year.  Up 3-1 to the Marlins in the NLCS, the World Series so preciously close.  But, of course, it all fell apart and the Cubs are still struggling to pick up the pieces.  Worse, I still have to watch Alex Gonzalez play shortstop on a daily basis.  There has been little joy surrounding the Cubs this season, second place suddenly isn’t worth jumping for joy. 
I feel like I unknowingly made a deal years ago with the Devil.  For the privilege of growing up and watching Michael Jordan on a daily basis, I’d have to be a Cubs fan for life.  For a while it looked like a favorable deal but as I suffered last October and again this year I know who had the last laugh.  Some people claim they have seen Jesus, I believe I saw the Devil last year wearing a Cubs hat, glasses and a walkman.  It only seems appropriate that even Wrigley Field is falling apart this year.  Our hope cracking and falling once again.
Quick Thoughts: I’m glad the Lakers are trying to emulate the Bulls in how to break up a dynasty…If Kobe Bryant’s accuser past can be brought up, can Bryant’s relationship with Jim Gray be discussed?…Congratulations to both the Lakers and Orlando Magic for getting 60 cents on the superstar dollar…It truly is shocking that a professional athlete would place money above his word, what’s next atheletes should not be role models?…..Barry Bonds is the great living baseball player…the Arizona Diamondbacks don’t deserve Randy Johnson….Peter Gammons has a rather unhealthy obsession with Buck Showalter…Look up second place in the dictionary and you’ll see the Boston Red Sox logo.



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