Implied Dissent

Saturday, July 31, 2004

There was a running back named Ricky
Trying to understand him was quite tricky
One day he suddenly decided to retire
Leaving the Dolphins in quite a mire
Everybody was surprised indeed
That Ricky would rather smoke weed
So Ricky was done with football
In a move that had a lot of gall
He left his team
To go dream
You could see the look on Wanny’s face
He knew all the pieces were not in place
The Dolphins’ chances going up in smoke
As Ricky decided he would rather toke
Quick Thoughts: Both inside and outside the ring, Mike Tyson is broke…I cannot wait for the baseball trade deadline to pass…Good to see the Clippers back to being the Clippers…The Bears couldn’t even have one good day in the Lovie Smith era, before things started to go wrong…Before he catches one pass in the NFL Kellen Winslow the II turns down a contract that would have made him the highest paid TE ever, maybe it is time to change the system…The Diamondbacks are lucky that all the Randy Johnson trade talk rumors are distracting people from realizing how awful they are…Once again, the Twins are winning the AL Central by default…Too bad the Braves can’t teach the Red Sox how to win a division…Ricky Williams will find “the truth, like O.J. Simpson found the real killers…The Dolphins’ running game is so anemic right now, Wanny is probably having dreams of Lewis Tillman at night…Shocker it didn’t work for the Angels with signing Raul Mondesi…NFL players cheating on drug tests, wow Playmakers sure did distort life in the NFL…If I don’t return for next week, have no fear I am just searching for the truth in Jamaica.


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