Implied Dissent

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

So - I 'd like to respond to Bob's comments re: 28 Days Later (below). While I appreciate Bob's flippant sense of humor and resulting summary of the movie's themes, I would like to follow up with a few serious thoughts on this film, as I think it deserves.

First of all, if you are at all sensitive to gore or violence, this is not the movie for you. I am a long-time fan of horror, action and sci-fi, and thought myself well-steeled to whatever this film could dish out. The first time I saw it I ended up in the third row (thanks Jeff) and some of the scenes were a little hard to take. Also, there is a lot of fast camera-work and editing and it was hard to appreciate the visuals at that close range.

This movie deals with the question of how far a person will go to survive. It focuses on a variety of personalities and shows a range of believable reactions. It left me wondering if I would be able to hold on to my morals under similar circumstances. There is a brutal lack of sentimentality, which in my opinion is its greatest strength. Characters you like or identify with will die. Characters will show their worst side.

If I can point out one flaw - it is the Hollywood-style ending. I have yet to see the "alternate ending" though, and I have high hopes.


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