Implied Dissent

Saturday, November 08, 2003

Greg Easterbrook brings a wide variety of topics into his blog, and does it pretty effectively. Oh, and here's the post that got him fired from The only dumb thing I think I've ever seen him write. But they were dumber to fire him, and even dumber to give him the Stalin treatment (they took down all evidence that he'd ever worked there from the website). Clearly he isn't anti-semitic, he just didn't think about how to say what he was trying to say. It's a bad post anyway, but his phrasing/word choice makes it really bad.
Of course, throwing around charges of anti-semitism seems to have become a career for some. Stupid neo-cons. I hate them
I haven't linked to Charley Reese in a while, which is unfortunate, since he is usual dead-on.


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