Implied Dissent

Saturday, July 31, 2004

Just got back from Cato University in San Diego. First, thanks to my sis, The Commander, and Carol for rides to/from airports. And to the Cato donors who paid for most of the costs allowing me to go. The seminar was pretty impressive, with a lineup featuring some pretty fairly heavy hitters. I won't criticize here some of the weaker speakers, but in any case they were the exceptions, and my problems with them were more about presentation than content. I definitely recommend the whole experience to people interested in the principles, achievements, and possibilities of a free society.
On a related topic, Arthur Silber takes on how the Martha Stewart case relates to the (should happen) impeachment of George Bush. And just to emphasize how much I hate John Kerry, I recently realized that I still am considering voting for Bush, but would still support his impeachment at any time from now through his second term. The way things look now I'm much more likely to vote for Kerry than for Bush, and for someone else over either, but you never know.
And here's an exciting little development.


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