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Friday, April 21, 2006

(Likely awful) Picks

The NBA playoffs start tomorrow. Here is how I see it shaking out:
First round:
Detroit over Milwaukee, 4-1.
Miami over Chicago, 4-1.
New Jersey over Indiana, 4-1.
Cleveland over Washington, 4-3.
San Antonio over Sacramento, 4-2.
Phoenix over Los Angeles Lakers, 4-2.
Denver over Los Angeles Clippers, 4-3.
Dallas over Memphis, 4-1.
So, that's the higher seed winning every series in the opening round. Clearly Den/LAC is the hardest call, though Cle/Was is a tough one, too.
Second round:
Detroit over Cleveland, 4-1.
Miami over New Jersey, 4-3.
San Antonio over Dallas, 4-3.
Phoenix over Denver, 4-1.
Home court wins out.
Conference Finals:
Detroit over Miami, 4-2. Miami changed its roster too much and did it the wrong way, they can't beat a cohesive unit like Detroit in a 7 game series.
Phoenix over San Antonio, 4-2. San Antonio is better, but Phoenix has an easier path to the Finals, plus Duncan and Ginobili are clearly not at 100% and will be worn out from playing Dallas.
Detroit over Phoenix, 4-2. Detroit's 3.5 All-Stars (I only half count Rasheed) and Tayshaun are too much for Phoenix, who aren't really an elite team with Amare Stoudamire out.
Here are some other Eastern Conference and Western Conference picks.


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