Implied Dissent

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Mark Cuban apparently went off after Sunday's game, staring down David Stern, yelling about the league being fixed, etc (sorry I can't find a link to story where this was reported). Aside from the fact that he is being a jackass, he is also wrong about almost everything. About the timeout that was called at the wrong time, I think the Mavs have a point, it looks to me like Howard wasn't calling for one, but rather was asking his coach about it, so Salvatore should have rescinded the call. That may or may not have made a difference in the outcome, but certainly could have. The foul on DWade could have gone either way, but I agree with how it went. Then there's the backcourt violation non-call. Check the video here. It is very close, but it looks to me like Wade lifted his foot up before catching the ball, so he was in the air when he caught it and landed in the backcourt. Here is the relevant rule: Frontcourt/backcourt status is not attained until a player with the ball has established a positive position in either half during (1) a jump ball, (2) a steal by a defensive player, or (3) a throw-in in the last two minutes of the fourth period and/or any overtime period. I take that to mean that when you catch the ball isn't what is relevant, but rather where you are when you have full possession and both feet on the floor. So, Mavs, play like champions, no excuses, or you deserve to lose.


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