Implied Dissent

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ding ding ding!

We have a winner, for dumbest answer to a question ever (I believe that it also doubles as the most pretentious answer ever). Dubner asks what the correct response is to seeing a beggar on the street near a street vendor. Taleb's answer is to wonder whether the beggar reminds him of his great uncle, whether he sees the vendor or the beggar first, and so on. What a frickin' moron. It reminds of an old SNL skit with Woody Harrelson and Victoria Jackson, Who's Dumber, where (this is from memory, so forgive minor details) she's asked how long it would take a train to go 500 miles if it travels at 100 mph. Her answer is to question if a train can really go that fast, and to include the need for a stop in the middle, so it would take 8 hours.

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