Implied Dissent

Friday, December 28, 2007

Oh man

Reading this spot on analysis of Alan Greenspan's supposed commitment to freedom (via , I was reminded of Tyler Cowen's recent thoughts on Ron Paul. Re-reading Tyler, even more than when I first read the post, I find myself thinking he is either a fake friend of freedom, he makes the perfect the enemy of the good (odd for someone committed to a Marginal Revolution), or he is scared of success. Yes, I don't 100% agree with Dr. Paul. And if you're someone who thinks that supporting any candidate is supporting the system generally, that's fine, but that's not Tyler. While I can't completely discount the fear of success idea, it doesn't fit my image of the man. I am saddened to be forced to agree with Bryan Caplan, "Tyler Cowen is a Sith Lord". Oh man.

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