Implied Dissent

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Some things are, and some things are not

I loved this piece in Esquire trying to show all that Obama has accomplished. About 90% of the things listed fit into at least one of these categories:
A) Haven't happened yet (a push for something isn't an accomplishment)
B) Are bad (increased drone attacks are good?)
C) Are overstated (banning torture by the US is good, but the vast majority of the problem comes from rendition based torture)
D) Aren't accomplishments (if appointing someone to a vacancy on the Supreme Court is an accomplishment for a President, then so is selecting a running mate, and so is me making breakfast)

I agree that some of the complaints against Obama are weak sauce. That some of the things he's trying to do take time, so complaining that they aren't done yet is silly. However, blind faith support of the man doesn't help us.

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