Implied Dissent

Friday, June 04, 2010

Drinking the Manischewitz

Compare, and contrast. Both are one-sided and probably a little unfair, but PCR stays grounded in reality, while Chesler wanders off into la-la land. Actually, that's not quite right; she stays in la-la land.
I mean, her argument boils down to the fact that the aid boat had some questionable people aboard, and that it had rocks, sticks, and other laughable weapons on it, and they attacked the Israeli soldiers. The Israeli soldiers who first attacked by boarding the boat in international waters. For planning to violate Israel's immoral and illegal act of war, aka, the embargo on Gaza. That Israel had agreed to lift but never did. Imposed with the goal of impoverishing the Gazans to just short of a humanitarian crisis, so that they might become so miserable that they "decide" to change their (admittedly awful) government.



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