Implied Dissent

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

My new favorite TV show is nip/tuck on the FX channel. I caught a re-broadcast of the premiere on Monday night at 10:00 and was almost instantly addicted.

The show centers around two plastic surgeons in Miami: Christian and Sean. Each is going through his own mid-life crisis and their internal self-doubt is externalized and explored in their interactions with patients. Each consultation with a new patient begins with: "so, tell me what you don't like about yourself." This leads to various responses from the seemingly mundane, "my nose" to the shock-value "my dick." Last night's episode included a pair of twins who wanted plastic surgery so they could look different from each other - a choice that was wholeheartedly supported by their psychologist to allow them to see themselves as two whole persons instead of halves of one - a perception that had led them to lose their virginity at sixteen to the same 40 year old twin fetishist.

In addition to the character exploration and emotional analysis the show offers gorgeous photography, beautiful sets and costumes, and sexy actors. The combination is intoxicating and smart.

Oh. And if you have ever considered plastic surgery, the graphic scenes of liposuctions and nose jobs will probably deter you.


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