Implied Dissent

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Here's a good piece on astrology from The Best Page in the Universe. Key quote: it was like Rambo sent them all Christmas cards, but instead of cards it was murder.
Test your Libertarian purity. I got a 107! Signifying almost nothing!
So walking from work to the bus stop today I saw something pretty interesting. First I heard someone on a megaphone say something that sounded like it ended in the word hell, then make weird, annoying noises. This is when I spotted him leaning out the back window of a van. Then he said that we now knew "what hell was like." Then he repeated the noise. As I got closer I saw a sign in one of the van's window that said "homo sex = hell". Then he told us we had been warned and then said something unintelligible about repenting and Christianity as they drove off. I don't know about everyone else that witnessed this, but I definitely feel that I have a much better understanding of what hell is like and that I am much closer to god than I was before. Thank you, freak, you may have saved my soul (hint: this is sarcasm if you can't figure it out).


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