Implied Dissent

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Tuesday with Bowie:

So I went to see David Bowie perform at the Fleet Center last night. Got to say, he was pretty impressive. 57 years old and he can still rock. I was really impressed with his voice, still very strong, a bit operatic, if that's a word. Pretty cool lighting effects and decent use of the screens behind him.
He and his band played about a 12 song set, then an encore of about 6 songs, then a second encore. Most of what they played was his older hits, such as "Fame" and "Rebel Rebel." They also mixed in a couple of covers and some of his new material. One of the new songs was a pretentious piece of crap, but the rest of them were pretty good. After one of the new songs he said he was going to play a "song [we] knew" next, but I actually didn't recognize it, so I guess I need to listen to more of his old albums. I'd say the best song of the night was "I'm Afraid of Americans." I'm not really sure what the message of the song is, whether it's anti-American or making fun of people who are or something else, but it definitely sounds good.
A nice little touch at the end of the night: Bowie and his band all joined hands and bowed to the audience like actors in a play do. I thought it was a good way of putting the whole band on equal footing with him, if only for a moment.


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