Implied Dissent

Friday, May 28, 2004

Arthur Silber nicely summarizes some conservative viewpoints. It seems harsh at first, but check the originals he works from, he's pretty accurate.
I don't have a strong position on guns. I'm suspicious of government controlling our ability to defend ourselves, but also suspicious of anyone with a gun. That said, it seems to me that most pro-gun control arguments are just like the one this column dissects.
Harry Browne on the price of removing Hussein. He asks a most pertinent question that would, I think, clarify a lot of people's thoughts if they heard it.
Sobran looks at the reasons why we continue to stay in Iraq. Key quote: Now the pictures from Abu Ghraib...threaten to undo all the good will we’ve so painstakingly built up by bombing Arab cities and starving Arab children.


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