Implied Dissent

Friday, May 21, 2004

Back to the NBA playoffs. In the second round I predicted 3 out of 4 series correctly. The only one I got right for the number of games I picked the Lakers to lose, so that doesn't count. Onto the conference finals.
#1 Minnesota Timberwolves vs. #2 Los Angeles Lakers. 'Sota has home-court advantage, and Garnett really shut up people who were questioning his credentials as league MVP. So, I'm really torn on this series. Will the Lakers crush them in 5 games, or have a letdown and it'll go 6? I'll take the safe position. Lakers 4, Timberwolves 2.
#1 Indiana Pacers vs #3 Detroit Pistons. This will be an extremely ugly series. I'd be shocked if either team reaches 100 points in any of the games, and surprised if 90 points is reached more than once. If Rasheed Wallace were at full strength I'd probably take Detroit in 6, but he's clearly hampered by his injury. The Pacers have spent a little more time together and home-court will prevail. Pacers 4, Pistons 3.


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