Implied Dissent

Thursday, June 03, 2004

The NBA Finals start on Sunday. In the conference finals, I picked one series dead-on, and one wrong. So that makes me 12 out of 14 on picking series winners, though only 4 times have I picked the number of games right for the winner. Plus, I picked both teams remaining to lose a series. So I've done decently, but not great.
Conventional wisdom is that the Lakers will dominate the Pistons, at least when they are focused. In this case, the CW is right. Unless Shaq or Kobe goes down with an injury, the Pistons have almost no chance. The Lakers will be careless enough to let Detroit to win at least one game, and probably two, but that's it. Lakers 4, Pistons 2. Hopefully, I'm wrong. I don't like Detroit much, but I hate the Lakers. Beat LA.


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