Implied Dissent

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

A nice, generally positive but fairly balanced view of Reagan.
And I definitely like this idea of how to honor the man. It's time we got off of the Greenspan standard, so to speak.
This site has some interesting info on the upcoming election. I haven't really checked it out enough to vouch for the info, but it seems accurate. I definitely want Bush to lose, as it suggests he likely will, but I'm not sure how likely I think it is. By November the economy looks like it will be in great shape overall, with Bush justifiably taking a good portion of the credit (though, like any politician, taking more than he should). I don't think we're going to see a lot of developments affecting the election outside of the economy and Iraq, so what happens there will be the determining factor. It can't go well, but it might go well enough to take the heat off of Bush so that people don't base their votes on it as much as they should. And, of course, Kerry really hasn't articulated much of a vision of how he'd handle the situation. Kerry has a history of closing well, so I'm not writing him off by any means, but I still agree with this guy at this point, if I decide to vote for a major party candidate. Which I probably won't do. Ok, enough rambling.


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