Implied Dissent

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Will Wilkinson offers a moral defense of the self-made man. You wouldn't think it'd be neccesary to do so, but apparently it is.
Deroy Murdock, whom I met at Cato University in July, on the Orwellian nature of current political discourse. I don't think it's that much worse now than it was before, but that says more about the before than the now. Of course, Deroy probably has a better perspective on the past than I do. I'm not saying he's old, just older than I am....He does have good taste in music, if his lecture on the music market is any indication. I'm pretty sure he picked the music he wanted to play and built the lecture around it, but it worked out pretty well. Ok, enough rambling.
This is pretty weird, but I like it.


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