Implied Dissent

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. Or do.

So, Pedro Martinez is going to be a Met next year. The Red Sox were absolutely right to not match the deal NY offered. I won't say it's impossible that Pedro will be worth it, but it's unlikely. He's a fairly small guy who's seen his effectiveness sharply decline. He's still good, but is unlikely to be great again, and is likely to end up on the disabled list a few times. I could understand the deal if the Mets were close and Pedro might put them over the top, but they suck. If they play their cards right they'll be good in 2007, when Pedro probably will be throwing around 150 innings with an era over 4. Not bad, but not worth anywhere close to his paycheck.
As for Pedro, I can't really blame him for taking that much more money than the Sox were willing to offer. He doesn't have any personal connection against the Mets, so for him it makes sense even if there's only one team I'd hate to see him on more (hint, they also play in NY). What bugs me is his whole prima donna-osity. Going back to the Sox after NY offered him the fourth guaranteed year and having his agent tell management
Pedro [is] hurt and angry. Why would one team be willing to give him four years but the Red Sox wouldn't? Why [won't] the Red Sox show him the respect [he's] earned after all these years?

I mean, really, get over yourself. After reading that, I say good riddance.


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