Implied Dissent

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Well, a trade did happen with Minnesota, just not the one I was unrealistically hoping for. I'm provisionally happy with it, but I need to think about it a little more to be sure. On the plus side it'll be easier to keep Olowokandi on the bench than it was to keep Blount there, meaning Doc will be forced to play Jefferson and Perkins more, speeding up their development. On the negative side, Wally has three years left on his contract at pretty big cap numbers. Hard to say whether I'd rather have Wally or Ricky. Banks, Reed, Jones, and the 2 2nd round picks aren't a big deal. I like Reed, but he wasn't going to get PT in Boston nor were we going to get much for him. The conditional first round pick is good, though the C's really don't need to get any younger, so hopefully it will be used in another trade at some point. So I guess the question comes down to the somewhat worse salary cap situation vs. the likelihood of more consistent rotations that feature more of Al and Kendrick. I'll go with the PT for the kids and support this.


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