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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl Sunday

The big day is here. Seattle Seahawks, Pittsburgh Steelers. Detroit. Hey, did you know that Jerome Bettis is from Detroit? Really, it's true. That's the kind of inside information you only get at this site. Also, Detroit is cold, water is wet, and Holmgren was Brett Favre's coach. These are angles that the media just doesn't want you to know about.
Anyway, last week I was 1-1 picking, both against the spread and straight up, bringing me to 5-5 both ways, so today's game is make-or-break for me. Pittsburgh is favored by 4.5, and they seem to be the trendy pick; everyone loves Bettis, Roethlisberger is a better star-in-the-making than Hasselbeck, the AFC is so much better than the NFC, blah, blah, blah. I actually agree with all those points, but I don't think they're terribly relevant. The three games Pittsburgh won were over Palmer-less Cincy, perennial chokers Indy, and Denver, who shit a little brick. Seattle beat a mediocre Washington team and a good Carolina team. I think we can say they went through comparable tests to get where they are. I'm betting that Seattle's O-line contains a less than 100% Polamalu and allow Alexander and Hasselbeck to have big days, and that in general Seattle carrying a chip on its shoulder beats the win it for Bettis sentiment.
Seahawks 23, Steelers 17.


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