Implied Dissent

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Flattering Himself

I agree with Krugman that the charts he puts up in this post are interesting and informative. And they do somewhat (but not totally) allay my concerns that inflation is picking up. My guess now is that inflation rises, but not by as much as I previously thought, and comes back down. However, Krugman tells us that he was right all along that deflation should be our concern. I believe I've read all of his columns and posts over the last year, probably even over the last two. He definitely has been an inflation skeptic, but he has never said that deflation should be our concern. Not in public anyway, maybe he made an offhand comment to someone after class or something. If anyone can point out where he has written this, or has audio of it, please point it out and I'll retract this, but until then, Krugman is a lying liar who lies. Also, to be an accurate dick, these charts do not indicate deflation at all, simply less inflation.

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