Implied Dissent

Friday, April 15, 2011

Alright then

Well, Obama has joined the debate. A bit demagogue-y, but still. My preliminary read on it is that his plan is about 85% serious, so a step up from Ryan's in that respect. Of course Krugman's reaction is to gloss over all of his unserious maneuvers that mirror Ryan's. $3T in unspecified deduction eliminations? Completely ridiculous. $1T? Well done.
On the Medicare part of it, I find the plan terrible. Serious, I suppose, but terrible. Have we not learned that central planning is unworkable? However, here is a compromise plan I think would actually work, giving people pining for socialized medicine what they're looking for, and people looking for more individual choice what we're looking for. Well done, Tyler.

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