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Sunday, January 20, 2013

NFL Playoffs 2012-13, Round 3

Ouch. 0-4 against the spread last weekend, 1-3 picking winners. Moving along....

San Francisco 49ers at Atlanta Falcons, 49ers favored by 4. I'm torn on this one. On the one hand I think people are reading too much into the great game SF had last week, and not giving enough weight to the Falcons taking that weight off of their shoulders. On the other hand it looks like it could be a bad matchup for Atlanta, as they're really bad against QB runs. Not sure if the Crabtree situation affects much. I do expect a fairly high scoring game. 49ers 30, Falcons 27.

Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots, Patriots favored by 9. The Patriots are better, and of course are home. However, the Ravens match up well and always play them tough. Plus no Gronk. It'll be close. Patriots 27, Ravens 24.


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