Implied Dissent

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Finally, I think we've found a Democrat I can be go Maad for.
I really wish that I could support Kerry a little more enthusiastically. I would say that his overall quality as a presidential candidate is no better than Bush's, but he would be better in office due to the resulting divided government, which I very much favor to limit somewhat the damage either party can do. But always remember what Douglas Adams said.
Holy shit, is there no shame? As someone else pointed out, this pretty much proves that it isn't about safety, it's about money.
Here's Seinfeld's new American Express ad, featuring Patrick Warburton (Puddy) as Superman.
The download on this site is supposed to be really cool, but I don't think my computer will support it. Sad.
If you aren't busy, go to TT the Bear's Place Thursday the 15th for a show. The Pilot Light (see link on the right), featuring David Haskell, Joey Corcoran and Alex Turrell, are playing, as are The Beatings, The Union Ares and Scuba. I don't know if the last two are any good, but The Beatings are excellent. It should be fun.


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