Implied Dissent

Friday, January 12, 2007


See this? That's how you have to be about my NFL picks. It may look scary at first, but just go with it.

So, last week I was 4-0 picking winners, 3-1 against the spread. Good times. On to week 2:
Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens, Ravens favored by 4. Let's see, Peyton Manning in the playoffs, on the road, against a top defense. Even with Baltimore's shaky offense, I'll take them. Ravens 24, Colts 17.
Philadelphia Eagles at New Orleans Saints, Saints favored by 5. I'm not buying what Philly is selling, even if they are playing the ai'nts. NO will take an early lead and never look back. Saints 31, Eagles 13.
Seattle Seahawks at Chicago Bears, Bears favored by 8.5. This is a tough one. The Bears are definitely the better team, but Rex is just shaky enough to make me think about it. Seattle hasn't really impressed me, but the line just seems too big. Bears 23, Seahawks 17.
New England Patriots at San Diego Chargers, Chargers favored by 5. This will be a great game. Neither team winning would surprise me. Tomlinson could very well gain 200 yards. Marty could very well pull a huge choke job. I'm guessing that LDT's running will win out, but that the Belichick over Marty and Brady over Rivers advantages keep it real close. Chargers 24, Patriots 21.



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