Implied Dissent

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Please Watch

Video of what Wesley Clark actually said, and of the media response to it.

I am not a Clark fan, not even really a Obama supporter, but this is ridiculous. Clark did not denigrate McCain's years as a POW, he did not Swiftboat him (which would mean lying about his record), and he did not do anything wrong. The interviewer intimated that Obama's lack of POW experience should count against his candidacy, and Clark opined that being a POW isn't a qualification for President. Which it isn't. What McCain went through was amazing, and of all the problems I have with him, and his actions, determination and bravery as a POW are certainly not among them, but how would this help make him a better President? People criticizing Clark are either dishonest, or idiots, or (what's arguably the same thing) forming strong opinions about something about which they know nothing that is easy to learn about. Or some combination of the three.

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