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Sunday, May 05, 2013

NBA Playoffs 2013, Round 2

I called six series correctly on the winner, and two of those right on the number of games. Onto Round 2. (Note I'm posting this during Grizz-Thunder game 1, but it didn't affect my call on that series).

Round 2
Eastern Conference
#1 Heat against #5 Bulls. Got to respect what the Bulls did against the Nets. However, I don't see them taking it any further than this. They can probably win one, but the Heat are just too dominant. Heat 4-1.
#2 Knicks against #3 Pacers. The Knicks showed all of the reasons they can be excellent, and all of the reasons they can be beaten, against the C's. The Pacers are an excellent, physical defensive team, but not a lot better than the Celts on offense. I'm always leery of picking a road closeout, so I'll say 7, but another of those where it's not really that close. Knicks 4-3.

Western Conference
#1 Thunder against #5 Grizzlies. The Thunder are still very dangerous, but I don't see them doing much without Westbrook; I may have been critical of him at times, but it's been in a "he can be even better" way, not that I didn't think he was really good. The Grizz are a team well-built for the playoffs, matching up well with OKC. Grizzlies 4-2.
#2 Spurs against #6 Warriors. I fully expect Curry to put up more gaudy scoring/shooting numbers this series and keep it interesting. I wouldn't be surprised at all if this an all-home winning series. Spurs 4-3.

Round 3
Eastern Conference
#1 Heat against #2 Knicks. I don't see how the Knicks win this without something seriously going wrong (LeBron injury or something like that). They'll shoot their way to a win or two, but that's likely it. Heat 4-2.

Western Conference
#2 Spurs against #5 Grizzlies. A very interesting series. Matchups could give it to the Grizz, but I'm thinking that Parker will go off and Duncan will limit the damage the Z-Bo/Gasol combo will do. Spurs 4-3.

NBA Finals
Heat with home-court against the Spurs. Kind of a rematch from 2007 (Spurs against LeBron). This time the Spurs won't be able to do much to stop him, and the Heat defense can contain Parker/Ginobili for the most part. Heat win it at home in 6. Heat 4-2.


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