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Saturday, May 17, 2014

NBA Playoffs 2014, Round 3

All high seeds won in round 2, so it's #1 vs. #2 in both conferences. I called 3 out of 4 winners correctly, one in the right number of games. Onto Round 3.

Round 3
Eastern Conference
#1 Indiana Pacers against #2 Miami Heat. The Pacers are definitely looking better, but not enough. The Heat are looking great. How long it goes depends on when Miami gets one in Indy. Heat 4-2.

Western Conference
#1 San Antonio Spurs against #2 Oklahoma City Thunder. Both teams are worthy. Tony Parker's injury makes me a little nervous to take the Spurs, but the Thunder are a little too hit-or-miss and dependent on their stars. Spurs 4-3.

NBA Finals
Spurs with home-court against the Heat. I think the Western champs are most likely to win it all, but that the Heat are the team most likely to win. Reversing my philosophy from a round ago, taking the Spurs due to home-court. Spurs 4-3.


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