Implied Dissent

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Hobby Lobby

I find it odd that a lot of people who often and loudly (often correctly) complain about sexism are characterizing this as men on one side and women (and some men) on the other, when there are numerous women who think this was decided correctly, and/or that contraception isn't really what insurance should be for. Also, I object to the name-calling I see because I don't think the government should be deciding who gets what benefits, whether that's women or men. Someone (e.g., me) can be pro-woman, pro-contraception, a-religious, and anti these mandates. I'm unsure if this was the right decision, but I hope it causes people to think about some important issues, such as that when the government actively requires people to do things, it will necessarily start running up against deeply held moral beliefs of all sorts. Also, what is the proper role of insurance and how should we be getting it?


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