Implied Dissent

Saturday, April 17, 2004

The NBA playoffs start today. Here are my guaranteed-to-be-wrong-or-your-money-back predictions:
#1 Indiana Pacers vs #8 Boston Celtics. Indiana is much better than Boston, but has enough holes that a sweep isn't as likely as commonly thought. 4-1 Pacers.
#2 NJ Nets vs #7 NY Knicks. Jersey is a bit beat up and Marbury's dangerous, but I don't see the Knicks doing much. 4-2 Nets.
#3 Detroit Pistons vs #6 Milwaukee Bucks. Milwaukee is a decent team, but Detroit has been really good since getting Rasheed Wallace. 4-1 Pistons.
#4 Miami Heat vs. #5 New Orleans Hornets. New Orleans is a mess, and Miami has played well since a bad start. Fo, fo, fo. 4-0 Heat.
#1 Minnesota Timberwolves vs #8 Denver Nuggets. Denver is a dangerous team, and 'sota's never won a payoff series, but the talent difference is too great. 4-1 Wolves.
#2 LA Lakers vs #7 Houston Rockets. An intriguing matchup because of Shaq-Yao, which might make you think Houston has a chance, but they don't. 4-1 Lakers.
#3 San Antonio Spurs vs #6 Memphis Grizzlies. It's simple, Duncan may have missed too many games to be MVP this year, but he's the best player, and that team has gone all the way. Memphis may be deeper, but in the postseason you need to be top-heavy with your talent. 4-1 Spurs.
#4 Sacramento Kings vs #5 Dallas Mavericks. This should (easily) be the highest scoring matchup. Since the Kings have a little more playoff experience, home-court advantage, and are (a little) tougher, I'll choose them, but I do see signs of problems that could hold them back. 4-3 Kings.


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