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Saturday, January 20, 2007

That sucks

Watch a lake disappear!

Onto playoff picks. Last week I was 2-2 picking winners and against the spread, bringing me to 6-2 and 5-3, respectively.
New Orleans Saints at Chicago Bears, Bears favored by 2.5. It's a dome team playing in January outside in Chicago. That should trump the QB advantage the Saints have. Bears 20, Saints 17.
New England Patriots at Indianapolis Colts, Colts favored by 3. The Colts finally have the defense to compete in the playoffs. However, I just can't shake the idea that Belichick will get into Manning's head. I can't say that I'd be shocked by a Colts victory, but I don't see it happening. Patriots 20, Colts 17.
Oh, and reading the intro to Sports Guy's picks, I realized just how much of a loser he is. Did he really wait around for people to call him after the Pats game? Weak.

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