Implied Dissent

Monday, January 28, 2008

I am not a fan of Steve Landsburg, but this column about the stimulus package is right on. Don Boudreaux (chair of GMU's economics department) agrees. Paul Krugman's reaction to it is to write what is, to use the technical philosophical term, a fuck you post. I'll grant (grudgingly) that there is the possibility that Landsburg could be wrong. His position, though, is not a "crime" and evidence that he "obviously just doesn't get it". People who think that Keynes was wrong aren't morons or charlatans. They may be wrong, but it is very much up to debate. This wasn't an academic paper, it was a column promoting certain ideas. He has to be honest is so doing, but has free range to consider whatever ideas he sees fit and that fit into the space available. Honestly, I expect a little better from someone who is on the list for winning the Nobel Prize, teaches at Princeton, writes a regular column for the NY Times, and is writing on the NY Times site. But maybe I'm being unrealistic.

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