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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Playoffs, Week 3

Very entertaining games last week, but frustrating for me. I missed watching the only game I got right (Packers), Sunday's games I got completely wrong, I wanted the Colts to win so the Pats could play them tomorrow, and Gostkowski missed an easy kick that would have made the final score exactly what I had predicted and covered the spread. Grr. So, I was 1-3 against the spread, 2-2 picking winners, bringing me to 2-5-1 and 5-3.
Onto the conference championship games (again, spreads from SG):
San Diego Chargers at New England Patriots, Patriots favored by 14. I want to pick the Pats to cover, I really do, but I don't think it will happen. Teams have figured out that overcovering Moss, while it leaves lots open underneath, is the way to go, so expect long drives by the Pats, but few, if any big plays/quick scores that will drive up the final margin. While it is of course possible (especially given their animosity for the Pats), I would be shocked if the Chargers win the game outright. Patriots 31, Chargers 20.

New York Giants at Green Bay Packers, Packers favored by 7. I keep picking against NY, and they keep winning. Why stop the pattern now? Besides, Green Bay is a tougher place to go into that either Dallas or Tampa Bay, both those teams had their own issues in the games that I don't believe GB has, and Green Bay was my pick to win the NFC going into the playoffs, so I'm sticking with them. Packers 31, Giants 20. (yes, identical scores for the 2 games).

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