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Sunday, May 27, 2012

NBA Playoffs 2012, Round 3

Well, I got every series right in Round 2. Nice. Let's see how the conference finals go.

Round 3: Conference Finals
#2 Heat against #4 Celtics. I'm hearing people saying the Heat will tear through the C's. I don't see it. LBJ and Wade are playing great since the one game hiccup post-Bosh injury, but they'd have to continue to both play at that level pretty much every game for them to steamroll the Celtics. One may, but not both. I would not be shocked in the least if the Heat win the series, especially with Bradley (who could have guarded Wade well) out, but the Bosh injury is more significant. I think Garnett will carry a big load and come through, Pierce will defend LeBron well (not stop him, of course, but mostly contain him), and Rondo will be Rondo. Combined with the Heat having very little after the top 2, the Celtics move on. Celtics 4-2.

#1 Spurs against #2 Thunder. I've been pushing the Thunder this whole time, and they've done nothing to disappoint me so far. Unfortunately for them, the Spurs are playing at such a high level that it will be very tough to knock them off. The Spurs aren't as talented, but are pretty talented, and have not good but great chemistry, coaching, and toughness, and also home-court. OKC could do it, but probably won't. I almost want to pick it to be in 5, but I won't. Spurs 4-3.

NBA Finals
Spurs with home-court against the Celtics. The Spurs are too good, they snag one in Boston, and sweep at home. Spurs 4-2.


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