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Sunday, January 22, 2012

NFL Playoffs, Round 3

A split last round, 3-1 picking winners, 1-3 against the spread, bringing this year to 6-2 and 4-4. Moving on:

Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots, Patriots favored by 7. Some real questions about both teams. Can Flacco make the big plays to win on the road? Can the Patriots beat a team that had a winning record (0-2 so far), and can their defense put up a good performance against an above-average offense? I'm expecting a hard-hitting game, but that the Pats' TEs will dominate again, taking the day, and that the Ravens will hit a bunch of FGs, but not many TDs. Patriots 34, Ravens 26.

New York (NJ) Giants at San Francisco 49ers, 49ers favored by 3. The team nobody believed in for the whole year against the team that was written off and got hot. A top tier defense against an offense that is playing great. Two #1 picks at QB that have had many doubters over the years. Very divided on this game, but I'm going with the idea that defense wins in the playoffs, and I have more confidence in how San Fran's D matches up than I do in how the Giants' D does. Another weird score win for San Fran: 49ers 22, Giants 20.

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