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Friday, April 14, 2017

NBA Playoffs 2017

Basically chalk again this year. As usual, I’ll give my predictions for all 4 rounds now, but you should only take my current round predictions even half seriously.

Round 1
Eastern Conference
#1 Boston Celtics vs. #8 Chicago Bulls. The Bulls ended the season well, but I don’t see it. Celts 4-1.
#2 Cleveland Cavaliers vs. #7 Indiana Pacers. Cavs a little too complacent to get the sweep. Cavs 4-1.
#3 Toronto Raptors vs. #6 Milwaukee Bucks. Raptors have best shot to take down the Cavs in East, but Giannis wins at least one. Raptors 4-1.
#4 Washington Wizards vs. #5 Atlanta Hawks. Probably a boring 7 gamer. Wizards 4-3.
Western Conference
#1 Golden State Warriors vs. #8 Portland Trail Blazers. GSW takes care of business. Warriors 4-0.
#2 San Antonio Spurs #7 Memphis Grizzlies. Too bad fear the bear doesn’t rhyme, and that Memphis doesn’t have enough anymore to make it a series. Spurs 4-1.
#3 Houston Rockets vs. #6 Oklahoma City Thunder. Probably the top 2 MVP vote getters facing off. Expect a close one. Rockets 4-3.
#4 LA Clippers vs. #5 Utah Jazz. The hardest one to call, but I think the Clips at their best are better, and I expect them to be that or close to it. Clippers 4-3.

Round 2
Eastern Conference
Celtics 4, Wizards 3.
Cavaliers 4, Raptors 2.
Western Conference
Warriors 4, Clippers 1.
Spurs 4, Rockets 3.

Round 3
Eastern Conference
Cavaliers 4, Celtics 1.
Western Conference
Warriors 4, Spurs 1.

NBA Finals
Warriors 4, Cavaliers 2.

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