Implied Dissent

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

I found this piece on Ronald Reagan and the Iowa caucus pretty interesting. Not sure how it applies to what happened last night in Iowa, but it's still worth reading.
It's the generic rap song. Go P-Unit!
The thing about this piece is that I would not be surprised at all to find out it's true.
Nicholas Kristof looks into globalization, trade and the horrors of the third-world from first-hand experience. Like anyone else, I want to see people living in deep poverty better off and would not want to work in the kinds of conditions that usually exist in factories overseas, but we need to ask ourselves what the alternatives are. What would happen if Nike, for example, stopped manufacturing shoes in Southeast Asia? Obviously no one can say for certain, but most likely the people they employ would go back to the even worse jobs they had before. The current situation is far from ideal, but progress is being made, and most is being made through the voluntary actions of individuals and companies, not by people taking actions to make themselves feel better about the situation but do not help the poor abroad. (I realize that came off a bit bitchy, but I think most activists on the issue are just trying to feel morally superior. Not all of them, but most).


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