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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Too close, too much

George Saunders explores Samish-Sex Marriage. He's right, it does need an amendment.

Ok, onto the NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl (that's right, NFL, I said Super Bowl. Super Bowl. Super Bowl.). In the conference championships I was 1-1 both ways, bringing my records to 7-3 picking winners, and 6-4 against the spread.
Indianapolis Colts "at" Chicago Bears, Colts favored by 7. I understand why people think the Colts will win. They put on a great performance against the Pats (yes, the Pats lost that game to some extent, but it was more about the Colts winning it). Peyton seems more in control of himself than I've ever seen. Despite the 34 the Pats hung on the D, I'd say that the defense is not bad. However, I think that the Bears defense is good enough to contain Manning, they have the psychological edge, and they have the running game to not have to rely on Grossman. I expect it to be close, and I expect the Bears D to win out. Bears 154, Colts 3. No, wait, I mean Bears 23, Colts 20.

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