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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Playoffs, Week 2

Forgot to review my track record last time.
2008: 6-5 picking winners, 3-7-1 against the spread
2007: 7-4, 6-5
2006: 5-6, 5-6
2005: 8-3, 7-4
2004: 5-6, 2-8-1
2003: 8-3, 4-7
Totals: 39-27 picking winners (59%), 27-37-2 against the spread (42%).
Last week I went 3-1 both ways. Stupid Colts.
Baltimore Ravens at Tennessee Titans, Titans favored by 1. Flacco played decently last week (considering), and if he does it again I'm a believer. However, the Titans D is much better than Miami's, plus they're rested, and Baltimore is on short rest. Titans 20, Ravens 10.
Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers, Panthers favored by 5.5. The Cardinals are a poor road team, especially when it has to travel, and Boldin is questionable. I look for Smith and Williams to have excellent games for the Cats. Panthers 27, Cardinals 14.
Philadelphia Eagles at NJ Giants, Giants favored by 1.5. Hardest call of the weekend. I believe that, at full strength, the Giants are a bit better. However, taking out Burress is a big deal, bigger than Westbrook being banged up. I still think the NJ Giants win, what with home field and the extra rest, but I could see a blowout either way. Giants 20, Eagles 17.
San Diego Chargers at Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers favored by 2.5. Roethlisberger's health is the big question mark for this one. If he's fine, the Steelers will win easily. If not, and they take them too long to replace him, I could see the Chargers winning by a healthy margin. My best guess is he's fine, or fine enough, and the Steelers' D shuts down the Chargers offense, as Sproles finally finds a D he can't run around. Steelers 20, Chargers 13.

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