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Sunday, January 24, 2010

NFL Playoffs, week 3

So the only game I got right last week was the one I had the least confidence in. Great. 3-5 overall now.
Jets at Colts, Colts favored by 9. The Jets D is certainly stout, and their running game is strong. And Sanchez isn't killing them. However, they've also had some luck. Manning loves to be blitzed, and the Colts in general are a lot better. If Sanchez makes a big play or two, or the NJ runners can overpower guys, or they get a non-offensive touchdown, I could see an upset, but it's unlikely. They will, however, keep the total score low and thus cover. Colts 24, Jets 16.
Vikings at Saints, Saints favored by 4. The Vikings are a very good team. The Saints are an excellent team, and home, and had an extra day. It will be crazy loud in that dome. Saints 34, Vikings 20.

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