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Sunday, May 03, 2015

NBA Playoffs 2015, Round 2

A mostly lackluster round 1, but Clips-Spurs was just as good as it was supposed to be. Disappointing to see the Love injury, which opens the door wider to Bulls and Hawks, but still see Cavs making the Finals. Being blown out, but making them. Got 6 series winners right, 2 in right number of games. We'll just pretend Mavs series didn't happen....
Onto Round 2.

Round 2
Eastern Conference
#1 Hawks against #5 Wizards. Playing Pierce at the 4 has helped the Wiz quite a bit, and the Hawks didn't look great against Brooklyn. However, it seems like Hawks were getting together by end of the series, and did win all of their home games. Not quite convinced by Wizards, would need to see it again. Hawks 4-3.
#2 Cavaliers against #3 Bulls. Would not be shocked if the Bulls' size enables them to win this series. However, the Bulls are inconsistent, and the Cavs still seem a little better. Cavs 4-3.

Western Conference
#1 Warriors against #5 Grizzlies. I give the Griz a small chance, due to their way of matching up with people being so different. However, most likely it will be a rout. Warriors 4-1.
#2 Rockets against #3 Clippers. Should be a great series. Hopefully Chris Paul's injury heals quickly. Given how it looks now, though, Rockets 4-2.

Round 3
Eastern Conference
#1 Hawk against #2 Cavaliers. Sticking with the LeBrons. Cavs 4-2.

Western Conference
#1 Warriors against #2 Rockets. If Howard keeps it up, this could get very interesting...but probably won't. Warriors 4-1.

NBA Finals
Warriors with home-court against the Cavaliers. Go with the team having the historically great year. Warriors 4-1.

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