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Sunday, May 15, 2011

NBA Playoffs, Round 3

Hmm, that wasn't so great. With a healthy Rondo, the Celtics probably don't win, but it almost definitely goes 7, and it would not have been shocking to see a victory in that case. Oh well. Here's hoping Ainge has couple of smart moves up his sleeve to address the team's issues, mostly at center.

Round 3: Conference Finals
Eastern Conference
#1 Bulls against #2 Heat. I guess it almost had to come to this. The all-likable team, against the villains. The team that goes 9 deep, against the 2.5 man team. The Bulls are certainly the better defensive team, but don't knock the Heat there. However, their weak spot on D is with point guards, particularly with the faster ones...trouble. However, I don't see Chicago being able to control/hold down the Trio 4 times, which is pretty much what they need to do. Charlie Sheen take notice, Two and a Half Men will be winning. Heat 4-2.
Western Conference
#3 Mavericks against #4 Thunder. Interesting. My quick take is Thunder in 6, but I want to think a little more about it and put something up tomorrow.

NBA Finals
(Conditional on me still picking the Thunder to win the West) I'm sticking with the Thunder, 4-3. Will update this as well tomorrow.

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