Implied Dissent

Monday, June 11, 2012

NBA Playoffs 2012, The Finals

Well, I was wrong on both series in the conference finals. What can you do when Bron has that kind of a performance in game 6? I also didn't think Bosh would be back for them, which definitely hurt. Onto the Finals.

Thunder with home-court advantage against the Heat. Bosh's return will help the Heat a lot, and I think the Heat have fewer issues now with everyone being on board with who's #1. However, the Thunder are quite a bit more athletic overall, and can guard the rim much better. Usually you take the team with the best player, and that's LeBron/the Heat, but Durant is not that far behind, and the Thunder top them after #3; it's arguable about #2 and #3. I expect Wade to play better than he did against Boston, but not by enough. Thunder win the opening 2 at home, then Heat take games 3 and 5 in Miami and 6 in OKC before the Thunder put them away in a great game 7. So I guess I'm back to the pick I made before both round 1 and round 2: Thunder 4-3.