Implied Dissent

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Superbowl 2015

Round 1
3-1 picking winners, 2-2 against the spread.

Round 2
3-1 picking winners, 1-3 against the spread.

Round 3
2-0 picking winners, 1-1 against the spread.

Total so far
8-2 picking winners, 4-6 against the spread.

New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks, Patriots favored by 1. When the matchup is this close, it will come down to small things. Such as the Pats center that had stabilized the line being hobbled. Or maybe something big, like whether Seattle gets a defensive touchdown. People are talking up their struggles against tight ends, but that almost all came while Wagner was out; Gronk should be good, but he won’t dominate. I do expect the Pats to largely shut down the Seahawks’ passing game, and they should be able to find holes underneath; they’ll need to stay patient to win. I just have the feeling that o-line problems will be the ultimate problem. Seahawks 23, Patriots 20. Go Pats!

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