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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

NBA 2015 Finals

Got both conference finals winners right. So 12-2 picking series winners so far. It's been kind of a chalky year. Anyway....

NBA Finals
Golden State Warriors with home-court against the Cleveland Cavaliers. It was impressive how the Cavs managed to dominate the Hawks even with all their injury problems. And I think the team 3 thru 12 is solid. Not great, but solid. If Irving was 100%, it would be interesting. If Love was playing, it'd be a tossup. As is, I'm split on whether to go 5 or 6. I feel like Bron can defend his hometurf, but also thinking that the Cavs just won't have enough wrinkles to their offense when going up against the best defense in the league to win twice, let alone 4 times. I'm hoping for a good series, but Warriors 75-80% likely to win it. Warriors 4-1.

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