Implied Dissent

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Right Tool, at the Wrong Time

(Background to let you know what this is about here, here, and here).
I can prove that Greg Mankiw is a better economist than is Paul Krugman. How? Well, Paul is something like 5'6", and Mankiw is 6'2". Therefore, anyone claiming otherwise is selling voodoo.
What's that you say? You think that that's not a good way to show what I want to show? Well, you must be pretending to be stupid. I mean, NBA scouts use height to judge prospects. And height has a lot to do with a man's attractiveness.
True, height doesn't have much correlation to economic knowledge or wisdom. So? Krugman's economic brilliance must be puny if he's not even close to Mankiw in height.

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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Not Disappointed, just Angry

Of course this had to happen. I hope there's a good explanation it, like it was someone imitating Rand Paul as a joke. The lesson, as always, you can't trust any politicians.